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For some time since building 2 elements delta loop directive antenna I’ve been thinking to some disturbing thought about disadvantages using this kinda antenna during contests.

Suppose you are running CQ callings in 7 mhz during night when 500 -1000 miles hams cannot hear you due to first jump on ionosphere reflection especially when using low take off angle antenna on CW.

Why not using a secondary NVIS antenna and a high level of software computing cw transmission  that will phased  commute DX antenna toward NVIS one using a high power / high speed realy(s) in such manner that phased time slots will use 3/4 of DIT /DOH signal for DX and 1/4 dfor NVIS ?

Same tehnique can be used for RX to hear local an DX stations using same time slots.

Or maybe why not using 2 synced receivers and time slots will comute local NViS antenna / Dx antenna to separate receivers and headphones left ear on DX and right ear on local ? Brain is most powerfull DSP filter so why not using it ?

What could be wrong ? Is some real advantage here ? Please post here your thought but be warned !! answer the question , question the answer …

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